Leverage on the power of Jive!™ to help your clients achieve more and add to their bottom-line, while increasing your own revenue stream.

By assisting clients to harness the viral nature of social media or helping them create a micro-site to attract even more customers, Jive!™ allows partners to build their clients' customer base and keep customers coming back for more!



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Jive!™ helps you easily send emails, newsletters, announcements and membership renewal reminders to your members

Add new value to your members by offering Jive!™ as a tool for their own businesses

At the same time

  • Receive your own free Jive!™ account (worth $900)
  • Unlimited online customer support, tutorials and resources for you and your members


  • Co-marketing agreement
  • Market Jive!™ as a business tool to your members at least 4 times annually




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